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  • Infusion Resins

    Swancor infusion resin series is a special vacuum infusion resin under typical curing system, which is composed of epoxy resin main agent and curing agent. It is suitable for molding application of large fan structure blade products. Its main characteristics are moderate viscosity / operation time, good mechanical properties and good wettability to fibers.

    Swancor launched a new resin product SWANCOR HYVER - free radical modified epoxy resin. With a unique composite crosslinking system, the material has both the toughness of epoxy system and the rigidity of free radical system. Excellent mechanical properties, strong process adaptability, cost advantages, and lower carbon emissions in the industrial supply chain,

  • Hand Lay-up Resins

    Swancor hand lay-up resin series is equipped with curing agents with different curing speed to meet the requirements of different operation time; and the mixing proportion of different curing agents is the same. Users can mix different curing agents according to special requirements to achieve customized operation time and easy to use.

  • Tooling Resins

    Swancor tooling resin series has the performance of high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good fiber wettability, suitable mixing viscosity and operation time, which can provide resin product support in the whole process of mold molding and repair.

  • Adhesives

    Swancor 2532 / 2535 is a two-component, solvent-free epoxy adhesive, which is suitable for the mutual bonding between resin matrix composites and metal parts. It can also obtain excellent bonding performance when the bonding gap is large. Moreover, it does not flow under typical curing temperature, and the bonding will not crack even if the parts are fast cured 2535 adhesive has the characteristics of high elongation, low density, excellent fatigue performance and rapid establishment of TG.


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